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THE-Ave Challenge: What is in that lobster salad


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2016 is the Catch-22 campaign


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Why I support Bernie

I do not know how a Bernie Sanders would actually govern, but I want whoever gets elcted to have clear policy goals.  Tax refor  must be one of these. [...]

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Trump Trumps .. Kasich Rises. WWKD?

This is a big deal,  What will the Kochs do? 1. It is likely now that TRUMP will sweep S Carolina AND Florida.  His first real hurdle will be the Confederate Super Tuesday but with Rubio damaged, it looks as if in the near term the only religious extremist opponent in the South will be […][...]

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The Rubiobot short-circuits again

There must be a lot of static electricity in the air.[...]

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Catholic-style academic freedom

The president of a private Catholic college in Maryland compared incoming freshmen to “bunnies who need to be drowned.” The college has decided to retain the president and fire two faculty members who leaked his remarks to the student newspaper. Apparently their concept of academic freedom doesn[...]

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Police Blotter, Weird Crimes Unit

A Florida man has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon for throwing a live alligator through the drive-up window of a Wendy’s fast-food restaurant as a prank. Read story here. He could get more time than the “Affluenza Teen” who killed 4 people while driving drunk, but I [...]

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CHARLIE: Black Girls in Durham Schools Denied Right to Honor African Heritage

This is a huge issue to me because the only way my race can rise up is to feel GOOD about ourselves and we are continuously told that it makes white uncomfortable or some nonsense. Its time to put on the head wraps and be who we really are AFRICAN PEOPLE and un-apologetically Black. [&he[...]

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The SEIU Debate Is Bitter

James Tweedle from AAUP listserv There is so much confusion in Sarah Stroup’s latest treatise that it would be impossible to respond to all of it. A few points will have to suffice. First, she agrees that The Seattle Times opinion piece by Ed Lazowska and Paul Hopkins is marked by what she calls a[...]