BUCHENWALD 98: The book I would like to write

Daniel Pearl14 years ago, on February 1st, Judea Pearl’s son, Daniel Pearl, was beheaded in Pakistan while working as a journalist .  

I am writing this brief entry into the Buchenwald series in an effort to convince my siblings why they should help me create the book abput our father’s role in the liberation of Buchenwald.

As a Jew and as a scientist, one of my personal heroes is Judea Pearl.  Judea  is a leader in the creation of artificial intelligence, a winner of the Turing Award.  Although I have never met Judea, many of my friends have worked with him and have been inspired by his ideas.  The new frontiers of my own work in biology are inspired by Judea.

But Judea is not just a brilliant scientist.  He is very much a Jew, a story I learned when,  14 years ago, on February 1st, Judea’s son Daniel Pearl was murdered in Pakistan.   Daniel Pearl was a Jew, an  American and Israeli citizen, and a reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

Though the media covered this murder as part of the story of Islamic terrorism, Daniel himself saw his work as an effort to bridge the gap between Muslims and the rest of our world.  Based in Mumbai, Daniel went  to Pakistan to investigate  alleged links between Richard Reid, the shoe bomber, and Al-Qaeda.  Daniel was kidnapped and later beheaded in a frightful video.

4 months after Daniel’s death. His wife gave birth to a son, Adam Daniel Pearl.

Judea Pearl also created a wonderful book of memories of his son .. not only Daniel’s words but quotes form those who knew Daniel and from others inspired by his story.  Daniel and Judea’s story is the sort of thing our father and I loved to discuss.

So, Hugh and Steph, please read this wonderful book.  I ma too modest to believe that I can do as a great a job as Judea Pearl, but my idea is very similar.

Please help. 


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  1. theaveeditor #

    An email to my sister and brother

    In the hope that this might help, I have just posted an explanation of the book I want to write.

    Judea Pearl’s book abut his sn Daniel

    You might also go to the Daniel Pearl Foundation to see the great work being done in Daniel’s name.

    Please, read this wonderful book and see if we can move forward!

  2. Hugh Schwartz #

    The only way for you to get help is for you to stop filing frivolous litigation, stop lieing about the facts both in Court and on the Internet, return all WWII materials as well as at least digital copies of all the family pictures, remove all of your disparaging comments about Steph, Bill, Janet and myself from the Internet and allow me to donate the WWII materials to an appropriate institution for archiving without your interference.

  3. theaveeditor #

    For the record:

    The ONLY law suit I have filed is a request to the court that they order Hugh to disclose where he has the materials and that he send those to the New England Document Conservation Center for evalaution and preservation.

    As for the claim that any of the materials were stolen by me, that is a fantasy. With his and Stephanie’s agreement … in the presence of attorneys and a Boston police officer.. Hugh and Steph agreed to have whatever was left over at our father’s house sent to my wife and I by the caretaker of the estate. This was done after a round robin where we sibs distributed the property we each chose. Hugh and Steph, by the way refused to pay for the man’s time or the packaging or pay my shipping costs. Hugh also abandoned three boxes of materials that the caretaker later found at the house. Thes included papers important to our fmaily story as well as patiuent adn studetn records covered under Federal law.

    Barbara and I put a great deal of work into inventorying the materials sent ot Seattle. We had previously agreed with Hugh and Steph to digitize everything so we all could share it. I got a number of estimates but my sibs refused to share the costs of the digitization. So my wife and I had it done for ourselves and our children. We offered to send Hugh and Steoh

      ALL the originals

    back, excluding only some items that were of our kids and ourselves. For these we offered the digital copies. Hugh and Steph again refused to pay the shipping costs!

    WE also did a complete inventory and provided Hugh and Steph with a spreadsheet. Despite repeated claims by Hugh and Steph we found nothing that I know of that was from WWII .. though there were items from the time leading up to WWII and my Dad’s medical school experiences. Again, we have repeatedly asked Hugh to nominate the items he thinks belong to the collection and he has refused.

  4. Hugh Schwartz #

    from email

    Keep putting erroneous information on the Internet. It makes it more difficult to trust you with anything. Maybe your real agenda is to publish inaccurate info about dad and discredit him.

    Given your inability to know truth from fiction and your warped sense of reality, I wouldn’t be that surprised

  5. theaveeditor #

    First, as always I welcome any corrections. You are welcome to send a full post by email for posting on TA.

    Second, without resorting to what you or I claim that Dad ever said, let me just refer you to three verifiable facts:

    1. William Quick, presumably with your approval, has posted on his website and on FB the assertion that Dad plagiarized the pictures.

    2. Anyone who vistis Dad’s tombstone should not that it is missing any mention, our stepmother and his wife. Betty and Dad were married and in deep love for 27 years. That decision was yours and Steph’s. When, at my request, you did ask Betty what she wanted, she told you she did not car. I do not know but by that time the level of name calling had goten rather horrid.

    As the one of Dad’s children who still feels close to Betty and has regularly visted wiht her since Dad’s death, I remember talking with Dad about his love for her.

    3. You have said, in a recorded voice mail, that you intend to “let these pictures rot.” I also remind you of repeated requests for an inventory or even for the chance to see what you have taken. You have refused. Why?

  6. theaveeditor #

    While I am responding to Hugh’s claim that >>I<< and denigrating our father's memory, I might also direct Hugh to the Haggadah our family in Seattle has used since our children were born. The Haggadah has changed over the years but has been a part of this website since then.

    The Haggadah now is freeley downloadable and we would welcome anyone who wished to copy it and adapt our family story for their own families.

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