A debate: How is Judaism different from other religions


Chinazor Onianwah Whereas other religions evolved over time as an innocent attempt to relate to the unseen energy and phenomenon that they know is out there, Judaism was a prefabrication to defend USURY not religion.                                     Judaism whether it is a race or religion is still a fraud. All its core principles are borrowed from African practices and rites. 1. Circumcision is an African ritual for males long before the bible was written. The Egyptians have records of this. 2. Diet among the igbo people it was customary to let the blood drain completely after killing a goat, chicken or cattle, during which the Diokpa would intone prayers and reflect on God’s divine intervention. 3. The Passover could not have happened because the Jews were never in Egypt as slaves. The Red Sea was never parted because there was no need for it. It was common folklore among Egyptian magicians to part the Nile River so that they could walk through. They have this in their record. 5. Language – people don’t willynilly pick a language infuse it with other languages and make it a requirement for any Jew as their official language. This is exactly what happened with Hebrew.             So what’s up with this Judaism hoax?It was Moses Mendelssohn who formed the Haskallah Movement to articulate and philosophize Judaism, and making it an academic exercise.                 Later, Theo Herzle, a Catholic, seized an opportunity after reporting on Dreyfus case and writing a play about homeland for Jews. The Zionists from Russia insisted on a location near Jerusalem for authenticity. Prior to that, the Zionist movement had agreed to locate in Uganda, which I would have supported, but prejudice against the Africans made them turn to Jerusalem.

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Stephen Schwartz What??? How in all the imaginary levels of  hell can you write that “other religions evolved over time as an innocent attempt to relate to the unseen energy and phenomenon that they know is out there”  but somehow Judaism “was a prefabrication to defend USURY not religion.”       Christianity and Islam were  created as tools of imperial domination by the Romans (Constantine) and the Arabs (Mohamud).   Their armies, under the symbols of the sword and the scimitar, used their religions to conquer others just as the Nazis and the Soviets used the swastika and hammer&crescent.    Whatever you think of Zionism and of our right to have a homeland, by the time of Herzl the Jewish religion was over 3000 years old.                                            If anything, the Jewish religion should be thought of  along with Hinduism, Shinto, and all too few others, as a tribal religion, a religion of a people that is unusual because it has not been destroyed by Christian and  Islamic imperialism.                                   The you go on to conflate our religion with Jewish nationalism. Why is that different for us? Are the Kurds, the Igbo, the Tibetans  or the Basque any different from us in wanting a homeland?   As for Uganda, now you seem to be accepting racism.  We are semites.  The very idea of European Jews creating a homeland in the midst of an African state is wielder disgusting.  As for your repeated meme that Jews have a prejudice against Africans tell that BS to Moses’s wife. my Ethiopian and Yemeni brothers and sisters or to the Mississippi three ..three Jews, two Ashkenazim and one Black, who died fighting against the bigotry you show.


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  1. Cecil #

    Thank You Gents for not closing your conversation and thank you Stephen for inviting me to read.
    I don’t recognize the people or religions noted here. Where is the proof of these happenings. Who is being frauded by Judaism? I’m looking at this I guess its called accusation that circumcision was practiced by African males and borrowed by Judaism. Jews as far as I know are circumcised as a outward sign of their Judaism( no matter from where I came).The upshot being it is very good for hygiene,
    On the other side Christianity created as a tool of Imperial Domination by Romans?Was Job a tool of the Romans when he said ‘ I know my redeemer lives’. And Islam a tool of the Arabs? In my mind Mohamud was crazy. I say this because he heard voices in his head? He had to repeat his by rote because he was illiterate. If I may spout a little science ( A lie repeated often enough is taken for the truth.)He then met a defrocked Nun and she wrote down what the voices told Mohumid who started a crusade. This I day about Muhamud’s path of terror wait! I mean… conquering crusade. As in when you are broke and low on morals you take what you need from those that have. Commandeer their land and collect taxes.
    Did it happen this way? I dunno! But now we have three stories and no proof.

  2. theaveeditor #

    Tx. Bit to the rest of us, it is Paul who descibes Hallucinations and nothing in the Quran comes close to the Paranis Schizophrenic hallucination in Revelations.

  3. Chinazor #

    Chinazor Onianwah

    Guys hold up. It is absurd to say Jews were discriminated against because of their race. Either you all are lying or you are ignorant of European history. Hitler was a Jew and he did not hate Jews because of their race. It is because a cabal of Jews wanted to protect usury through which they gained unfettered influence since the reign of Charlemagne or charles the great in 742. Jews or those who identify as such could care less about God. It is a cabal that is still in existence. Their ultimate price was Israel because now they have a place from which they cannot be expelled. If you must come to a public arena such as this, come with clean hands and some depth.

  4. Chinazor #

    Hitler was Jew?????????????? Errr how racist are you?

    Are the Saudi and the Hamsniks Yidden also?

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