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The data I have seen says that the TPP would greatly improve the trade and jobs by US companies along our two coasts .. the tech and service industries that now dominate our economy.

This is a huge issue because the US, under Obama, has emerged from the Bush debacle as the overwhelming superpower in tech.  Our rivals include the EU and China.  Leaving the EU aside, the TPP excludes China and Russia!  That is an amazing achievement by Mr. Obama and, as his Secretary of State,  Mrs. Clinton.
The effect on rust belt industries is a different matter.  While Obama has achieved an amazing resurgence in our old economy ..especially cars and bi

This is pretty arrogant for a woman who is Brahman but campaigned as a "person of color" against as Black woman. to some artifact. The criticism, moreover, is consistent with my subjective POV that most of the achievements are in the past and that our ranking is going to down as those events are further away. The criticism is likely valid as Reuters does this sort of thing .. that is how it sells its stuff! However, even if you use other rankings ... more subjective .. systems, the UW is pretty much unique among public universities in being among the top of all world universities but in a state where we are the only significant research university. The closest comparables are Michigan and Wisconsin but both have more research universities. I suspect that ten years from now, the uW will be much lower on all lists .. watch for the UC campuses and Univ. Texas campuses. I think it would be good if someone here were to look critically at the Reuters' rating. This is now complex because of the union issue. If AAUP were to run this, I suspect it would come across as an atatck on the UW Excellence crew. On Sat, Oct 31, 2015 at 4:24 PM, Robert Wood wrote: Hi Steve, What do you make of this?

This arguement is arising now because the populist, both Sanders and th Repugnanta, have decided to demonize the TPP.   The issue is esp. important because Sanders is accusing Mrs. Clinton in begin a corporate  toady.  What is missing, however, is an objective discussion of the bill.  of the union issue.

g machinery, TPP will continue to put pressure on these labor rich jobs.  Tariffs is the answer of the anti TPP crew but I am skeptical.  How would tariffs improve our ability to export Deere tractors or Chevy Volts?  I thing the  issue that should be discussed is do we wish to protect the car industry from low slow wage foreign competition? Is it good for the whole country to transfer jobs to the union free south rather than support jobs in Seattle and Boston?

Frankly, what I would like to see is a grand bargain internally … couple the TPP with a change in our domestic laws that supports infrastructure and ends the intrastate traffic in subsidies to move jobs.

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  1. Cecil #

    I guess the North American Trade AGreement is not being considered by the author. Who can forget Ross Perot and his ‘great sucking sound’. Or how General Motors moved to China after getting bailed out. I understand Chine is where that big loser the Volt was developed and built( I could be wrong)
    Now, I ask what use do we still have of unions , I mean, what part of the economy do they represent in the ‘9 millions jobs’ that Obama’s policies have created in the burger and grocery sacking industry. What have they done since they fianced the New York Mafia’s building Las Vegas in the 40’s and 50’s. They are as anachronistic as Socialism, or communism, progressivism, whatever you call it. This top down government system only works for the few. So, throw out all your oppressive rules and good old boy clubs like teamsters ,republicans, and democrats and move together toward a freer more equal society.