Israel’s Faults Do Not Justify The Faults of Arab Society

 “The Palestinians are the contemporary equivalent of German Jews”


4 grandparents and over 30 aunts uncles and cousins of mine were gassed and then afterwards had their gold teeth pulled from their mouths, their orifices checked for hidden jewelry, their hair used as pillow stuffing, in some cases their fat melted down for soap and their skin made into lamp shades and you claim a contemporary equivalent. Holy mother of g-d.

Let’s compare the treatment of Arab Israeli citizens to the remaining Jews still living in Muslim Arab lands since the time of Babylon when they were last kicked out of Israel . I say the remaining because over 800,000 of them were decimated, robbed murdered and expelled from those Muslim lands. Did you cry out when Jordan treated the Palestinians as second class citizens prior to 67? Are you speaking out of the treatment of Palestinians by Syria and other Muslim countries where they reside. Did other Arab countries care about the plight of the Palestinians prior to 1967. Was Jerusalem or any part of Israel ever the Capitol or sovereign state of the Palestinians? The reality is that only under Israeli rule is the possibility of there being a state for Palestinians. Countless negotiations with corrupt Palestinian dictators came to a fruitless end, why? Because the Palestinians do not want a two state solution they always wanted all of Israel. The frustration is Israel’s frustration. Israel gave back Gaza and the Palestinians voted in Hamas a Muslim theocracy hell bent on destroying all of Israel.

Yes Israel is no saint and regardless of history and who was right and wrong I do believe that the Palestinians have suffered greatly and do deserve their own state. I just don’t believe that’s what they ultimately want.

This was a response to the bias, blinded, bleeding heart progressive fools who are just as simple minded and prejudiced and pathetic as the tea party right

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  1. Cecil #

    I agree with the tenet of this article. And even if/though my heart feels for their plight. Their problems are their own making for the most part. I am saying this and it is the truth and unrefutable: that they had the same opportunity as Israel to set up a border build houses and towns irrigate and grow crops. Instead they chose the religion of hate and death. Blame it on their rulers? The ultimate authori ty of a land has always been in the people if they have the backbone to stand-up and have no fear of death, Instead they chose slavery and the whole middle east holds them incontempt.They are a tool of inherently evil men. To compare them to jews of the Nazi regime is –my opinion– border blasphemy. There is no comparison. One last note to the man that wrote the article. I am no tea party fan, You call them tea party right and describe them as blinded , bleeding heart progressive fools. Sir you need most of all to wioe your own mind of simple minded and predjudiced and pathetic thought. The tea party can’t be right and left. I know you said it for the poetic sound of it all. But, in TExas they would say “yoou aint no poet.”

  2. theaveeditor #

    This is a heartfelt post and expresses my own emotions. Isee the Arabs as my brothers and sisters. I feel grat pain at thier all too real suffering . OUR shared problemm is rooted in their hatred of us.

  3. Cecil #

    I can feel the pain, Mr Editor,and I sympathize to a point. your comments and the post has two only tenets. Either you don’t know and understand the history or you chose to ignore the history. First, a question, who benefits from the conflict and who would suffer from a resolution. I dare say when you have settled on an answer you will have found the faction that hates your people, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the enemy of which you speak is the leadership and their hierarchy.

  4. theaveeditor #

    I do not think anyone benefits. Individuals do, of course, but as a class no,