Sawant Will Not Confirm or Deny

With Congressman Jim McDermott announcing his retirement there has been speculation that Socialist and Trotskyist (the difference between a Trotskyist and Trotskyite a

Thank you, Councilwoman, but the question was what's your favorite ice-cream?

Thank you, Councilwoman, but the question was what’s your favorite ice-cream?

pparently is Trotskyists ignore 90 percent of what Leon Trotsky actually did and said so they can imagine a competent and fluffy martyr to the cause) Councilwoman Khama Sawant will consider running for the position. So far Sawant will not confirm or deny that she will run.

This seems a shame that she would dream of deprive more people hearing her unique voice and message.

On another note apparently Republicans are attacking Seattle as “the city that gave us Kshama Sawant”. I find this extremely unfair and offensive. Seattle hasn’t had the opportunity to give her to anyone… we’re still stuck with her.


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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    So what IS her favorite ice cream? It’s not that I give a damn, I’m just curious what Trotskyists eat. I’ll bet it isn’t vanilla. Probably something more like blood-red cherry daquiri.