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BREAKING NEWS: TRUMP anti debate to air on CNN

Donald Trump Event on CNN Watch CNN tomorrow Jan. 28 6pm to 8pm PT 9pm to 11pm ET Wounded Warriors Project[...]

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First booking photo of Oregon militant released (NSFW)

Ryan Bundy’s mugshot …[...]

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So?  How Do the GOP’s People of Color Feel About Refugees Coming Here from Cuba? Just a week after we reported that thousands of Cubamn refugees are crossing the Texas border     A Cuban-born N.J. mayor says that he is helping thousands of Cuban refugees come to America, and has used $2[...]

January 27th, 2016 - 2:09 pm § in Misc.

SAM Drops Its Flying Taurus Display

The Seattle Art Museum has just announced that it was going to remove its iconic (some would say notorious) display of exploding cars from the museum lobby. So the obvious question is what will take it’s place. It occurs to me that something more suited for the Seattle psyche would be more ap[...]

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US Health Care Sustem Threatens Diabetics … Your Life or Your Money

Diabetics have no choice; if we can not  obtain insulin, we die. YES, I AM A DIABETIC. My drug store costs, despite having very good insurance, is hundreds of dollars each month.  If I were living on Social Security and Medicare, I would not be able to treat my disease and would die. Insulin [...]

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BUCHENWALD 93: The demonization of Jews continues

Just in time for International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Iranian government has announced that it will be holding another “Holocaust Cartoons Contest.” The cartoonist who most viciously mocks the Nazi genocide will be awarded $50,000. It may be tempting to dismiss such Iranian mischief as [...]