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Have you ever gotten one  a push poll email? “Dear fellow citizen, We at Citizen Surveys  need your help. Can you answer a few non partisan questions? 1. Do you feel our state needs the best person to lead? YES/NO   2. Are high taxes or over paid state employees more important to you?  TAXES/OVERPAID 3. Do you think our state is a better place to live because of the homeless people? YES/NO 4. How do you feel abut Governor Inslee’s recent rip to Davos Switzerland, one of the worlds most expensive ski resorts? ENTHUSIASTIC/NEUTRAL/ANGRY

 Who is “The UW Faculty” and how are they surveying the UW faculty?  (updated*)

“Uwfaculty at” just sent a poorly written survey to UW faculty.

The survey seemed to be written by the kind of group that sends out surveys promoting a political candidate. .. a “PUSH POLL.”

In this case the sponsor would presumably be a faculty group promoting the formation of a UW faculty union.  Possible candidates are the AAUP or the SEIU.

 Individual posts to the AAUP listserv, a UW site not available to the general public, requesting answers have been censored. Posts allowed on the list have seemed to take some responsibility but not said whether the AAUP, the SEIU or individual faculty members sent out the survey.

faculty survey letter

Though I, as a faculty member, did not receive the survey, a colleague sent me the above copy of the email.  If you try to respond at  the link from the original email you get this response.

“Unable to begin survey:   This survey has been completed previously. (database verification)”
From: UW Faculty Subject: UW Faculty Survey — have your voice heard Date: January 19, 2016 at 10:58:28 AM PST To:***********

From: UW Faculty <> Subject: UW Faculty Survey — have your voice heard Date: January 19, 2016 at 10:58:28 AM PST To:***********

I tried to find  and could not. The link takes you to the SSI screen shown to the left.  If I enter the text, “SSI DATAExpress”  in that screen shot,  I get a PDF that seems  not to be a survey company, e.g. Survey Monkey or Constantcontact,   but a “global provider of data solutions for businesses. ”  SSI says ” Over 2,500 companies worldwide trust SSI to power the insights that grow their business.”

With a bit more work  I did find a survey company at

This company is hard to find.  They  have an email address in Latvia.  I sent them email at the address below.  Received a response denying that is but so far has refused to say whether “Uwfaculty” used their services to send out the survey.

Riga, street. Barona, 33a , Latvia
Tel:   Contact:
Operated by: Global Direct Ritailer
Whoever is, they seem to be a site lists ways users can solicit money by sending out mass emails:
Rewards Offered
Green checkbox 5f0b2b7a6efc6dda5d1ce0825827aff0a8639889d4a033764d83359e8db1afcdCash paid via PayPal
Member Opportunities
Green checkbox 5f0b2b7a6efc6dda5d1ce0825827aff0a8639889d4a033764d83359e8db1afcdOnline surveys
Green checkbox 5f0b2b7a6efc6dda5d1ce0825827aff0a8639889d4a033764d83359e8db1afcdDaily surveys
Green checkbox 5f0b2b7a6efc6dda5d1ce0825827aff0a8639889d4a033764d83359e8db1afcdTeen surveys
Green checkbox 5f0b2b7a6efc6dda5d1ce0825827aff0a8639889d4a033764d83359e8db1afcdRefer-a-friend program
Redemption Info
Green checkbox 5f0b2b7a6efc6dda5d1ce0825827aff0a8639889d4a033764d83359e8db1afcdNo points system
£20 minimum account balance required in order to request payment to your PayPal account
The site lists the following  comments  about

“Good for me.”

January 06, 2016 by Matt from United Kingdom
I have been a member of this site since September 2011 and up until today I have cashed out a value of £20 a total of 14 times.
So around £280 in that period.
Many of the surveys don’t accept you but I find if you pick up the emails quickly you can get through surveys fairly fast.
I’m surprised at the negative reviews on here as my payments have always come through in a few days.

“Dodgy Website”

June 03, 2015 by Zaheer from United Kingdom
This is a dodgy website. They will block your account when you forward the request for payout, they will block your account, accusing you for having multiple accounts under the same ip. I’d never ever recommend this website to anyone

“Wasted my time a lot with them “

May 11, 2015 by Leo from United Kingdom
As they say, before starting their survey “clean your cookies”. Well, you may also like to clean the ones you keep in your shed!!
Make sure you keep an eye on the link you clicked, and whether re-direction is just ‘in one move’. Anything else that may redirect… perhaps because the ‘original survey’ was closed may just be a waste of time, as it has happened with me, c-s said ‘it was not their survey’! As I copied copy the link(s) etc.
So I did 2 surveys for free! Re-directions is to ‘find another survey’… that of course will not be paid.Most of their surveys are just from routers, especially (which requires less details than the others). You always fill the same details over and over again, from their homepage as well, for just being disqualified over and over again. A huge waste of time.So once I started with S.Network (as it seemed easy at the first few rewarded surveys, maybe they do it on purpose), I then continued only to do the samplicio OR the few which were actually starting in a ‘normal way’, with ‘normal qualifying procedure’, from companies I may have recognised.I finally cashed my cheque in 1 yr and ditched, and here I’m warming others that it can easily be just time wasted.

“Fantastic Site”

May 03, 2015 by Jenna from United Kingdom
Below is my original comment from 2013, which carried 4 stars – something I now have to reconsider and update.After spending about 2 years stuck on £15, with none of my attempts at completing surveys being successful, I gave up on the site and unregistered myself. They used to be great, sending daily surveys that I was able to qualify at least once a day for, but the emails stopped and qualifying stopped and I just spent too long on it. I went on a deleting spree some time last year and unfortunately, due to being on the same amount month after month when updating totals, this one went. Sad to see, but it went downhill quite quickly and it isn’t one I would go back to.At first I managed to cash out 2 or 3 times as the payout was only £5, then they upped it to £25 and when I emailed asking why they simply stated it was to get rid of those who aren’t interested in giving their opinions but more interested in getting a small cash amount for a few clicks – sure enough, the 2 friends I referred gave up because they “couldn’t be bothered” trying to get £25 when £5 was so easy!!I have since only cashed out once or twice with them but receive 7 surveys a day (which I get to when I have the time) and a few days ago I actually managed to earn £3.25 from 3 completed surveys – I probably entered about 6 in total, so not too shabby for an hour or so’s work.Definitely one I’m keeping hold of, and I don’t understand why this is the ‘blacklist’ area of the site, unless those who put it there are the lazy ones who want small amounts of cash quickly?? Pfft!

“Unsure of this site…..”

October 28, 2014 by Fiona from United Kingdom
I joined this site about a month ago but have now cancelled my account with them. I received emails from them daily with links to surveys which most of the time did not work, although some did if you kept clicking down the list. You can access surveys from the homepage of the site but I was redirected so many times to different places it started to look a little suspicious. Money for completing surveys was not credited immediately with no tracker for which surveys you have completed and credits given. I did track this myself and most of the time did get credited for the surveys I completed but it was all a little confusing and frustrating. Not the easiest site to work with.
* the origingal post said I had not reeived email from  Since then I have received emial and edited the text above to reflect’s denial that they are   

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