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BREAKING — Oregon standoff ends in fatal shootout with police

Shots fired; 1 Oregon militant dead, 7 arrested  The occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon by domestic terrorists ended Tuesday night in a shootout with police that left 1 militant dead, 1 wounded, and the ringleaders arrested following a traffic stop on a highway. The militants were ri[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Cuban Refugees Invade US:

What will Cruz and Rubio Do? Not so long ago an influx from Castroland meant fear of terrorism .. thugs and commies not muslims! HIDALGO , TX– The activity at the Hidalgo International Bridge continues. At least 7,000 Cuban refugees are expected to cross in the next few days! Cuban refugees are [...]

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Seattle Public Schools Close Programs

For almost 25 years, The Wells  Middle College High School has been a joint effort of the UW and the Seattle Public Schools, giving disenfranchised students a different, personalized and highly successful education through a curriculum based on social justice and a critical pedagogy. Apparently[...]

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David Preston Trending: Wayne Simmons. (Via the Zelvin) Look at this. Look at Neil Cavuto nodding along like a bobble-headed dashboard pup while this fraudster calls Obama a pussy. How is Cavuto better than Brian Williams? Where’s his mea culpa for not taking a minute out of his day to check o[...]

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Was Ted Cruz Sent by God?

Ted Cruz and the Donald are fighint it our for the evangelical conservative GOP voting bloc Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal have already dropped out of the race.  Sarah Palin, Jerry the Junior Falwell and America’s favorite sheriff have endorsed the Donald.  Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee wi[...]

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UW UNION: Push Polling

 Who is “The UW Faculty” and how are they surveying the UW faculty?  (updated*) “Uwfaculty at” just sent a poorly written survey to UW faculty. The survey seemed to be written by the kind of group that sends out surveys promoting a political ca[...]

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The Battle of Seattle: Was Leschi a Terrorist?

Today in History, January 26, 1856 – First Battle of Seattle. Marines from the USS Decatur drive off American Indian attackers after all day battle with settlers.  Later, Chief Leschi .. leader of the Indians fighting for their survival, was tried because a marine had been killed in the battle. [...]

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Colorado cops pay $262,500 for killing dog

Animals have rights, too: A Colorado city has settled a civil lawsuit by agreeing to pay $262,500 for a dog killed by police. The officer who fired the shots was acquitted of aggravated animal cruelty charges by a jury. Read the story here.[...]

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Cleveland fires 6 killer cops

Cleveland has taken disciplinary action against 13 cops involved in one of the more notorious recent police killings of black people, firing 6 officers, imposing suspensions without pay on 6 more, and involuntarily retiring another. In November 2012, police fired 137 shots into a car driven by Timot[...]

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Ted Cruz’s Aspirations As Young Man

1988, high school senior Ted Cruz reflected on his life’s ambitions while attending Second Baptist School in Houston, TX.[...]