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Scott Walker Broke

Scott Walker is a victim… of the debt system. As a governor he makes $140,000 a year, but still can’t make ends meet. Looks like the Kochs stopped picking up the tab. Presidential campaign … a million dollars in the hole. Personally, he has tens of thousands of credit card d[...]

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Who is this famous person?

A. Poliburo member B. Israeli defense minister C. Mafia godfather D. Watergate scandal figure E. Men’s downhill champion F. NFL coach G. Fortune 500 CEO H. Republican governor I. Democratic governor J. Belgian prince K. U.N. diplomat[...]

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Planned Parenthood accusers indicted

An effort by Texas officials to harass Planned Parenthood boomeranged Monday when a grand jury cleared the organization of wrongdoing and instead indicted two activists, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, who tried to destroy the women’s health care organization and abortion provider with doct[...]

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Sarah Claims Her Son Has PTSD Becuz of the Horrors of War!


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Bezos and Musk, SPACE KADETS

Washington (Agence Francis Presse) – Two months after the breakthrough launch and vertical landing of a reusable rocket, the space firm created by Internet entrepreneur Jeff Bezos did it again.  The company, Blue Origin, said Saturday that the same New Shepard booster which blasted off and la[...]

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PORK: what King County did With $28 million in left over funds

The Kingdome might be gone, but the $28.4 million in  excess tax money raised to build a new roof of the now-imploded stadium will be nobly called …  “Building for Culture” legislation: • Investing for Youth: $1,631,500 — Providing the resources needed to develop the audien[...]

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Trumpism in Eastern Washington

Betty Buckley FACEBOOK As a Democrat born and raised in eastern WA, let me offer this bit of insight: people in rural areas are tired of being controlled by urbanites who have little understanding of what it means to live in the country. Now, I’d be the first person to say that lack of under[...]

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A Hebrew Republic

Should Abdulla Ibn Hussieni and Charlotte Clinton-Mezinsky Grow up Speaking Hebrew? based on a book review by Philologos at the Forward Norman Berdichevsky’s “Modern Hebrew: The Past and Future of a Revitalized Language,” has a chapter called “From Jewish State Toward a Hebrew Republic?” [...]