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Iran Arrests Anti Saudi Rioters

Iran Arrests Over 150 for Embassy Raid TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Deputy Interior Minister for Security and Law Enforcement Affairs Hossein Zolfaqari announced that a sum of 154 suspects have been detained or summoned to the judicial system in relation to the recent storming of the Saudi embassy in Tehra[...]

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Proof that Cruz is a military idiot

In this video, journalist Chris Wallace takes issue with GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s pledge that he would “carpet bomb ISIS to oblivion,” pointing out that ISIS fighters have embedded themselves in civilian populations where they can’t be bombed without causing mass[...]

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A fascinating look at an Oregon terrorist’s personal finances

By now everyone knows a group of rightwing militants seized a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon, and want to turn that land over to private ranchers. So naturally, ranching is the lifeblood of these folks who are fighting against the federal government’s control over vast tracts of western lan[...]

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Trump Prepares for the Inaugural


January 19th, 2016 - 11:51 am § in The Ave Scene

BREAKING NEWS: Seattle to accept RV Refugees

Mayor to Make Emergency Order: RV Parks in Ballard and Delridge Tomorrow, Mayor Ed Murray will announce an emergency order creating two new “safe lots” where people living in RVs can park, as long as they agree to abide by certain rules and follow all city law… THECISFORCRANK.COM[...]

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Please call me “Honkey”

Stephen Schwartz The movies thus year were pretty bad overall.  I doubt that there was a movie with a Black star or director that stood out. Did you see one? Lisa McElroy I would hazard a guess that the reason (you were called) an idiot has nothing to do with whether or not there was a […][...]

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Is Eric Lander Doing “the Watson?”

“The paper is a bald-faced effort to stake a claim for Zhang, and the Broad stands to profit royally.” Eric Lander is a great man,.  To many of us in biology, Eric ranks with Einstein and Oppenheimer .. not only for his discoveries but for his leadership as president and director of the Broad I[...]

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America: A Land Where Even a Canuck Can Make Good!


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Is Nikki Haley “white,” “colored,” “brown,” or … racist?

Just days after delivering the GOP response to the State of The Union, Nikki Haley’s image as a Republican good guy is becoming somewhat translucent.   Challenged by Trump for being weak on immigration, the Governor of South Carolina Haley responded, “When you’ve got immigrants who a[...]