Why Bernie Will Not and Should Not be President, But …

David Preston
I hope Bernie puts some pressure on Hillary to move against Wall Street, but I wouldn’t want him as president because he’s politically naive and couldn’t get much done. If he made it through the primary he could threaten the Dems’ chances of winning. I’ll probably caucus for him anyway, just because I don’t want Hillary to have it too easy.

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  1. theaveeditor #

    Naivete is NOT the issue. Governing is. Sanders is not able to lead the Dems any more. In a real way he is like Obama .. a great leader but not great at organizing a party.

    Think of this as a wider and rational antonym for Cruz. Cruz cannot lead the GOP. BUT, both are creating a bases for powerful caucuses!

    Of course the difference is that a caucus led by Bernie would be rational.

  2. Mario Negri #

    and don’t forget the K word … as in kike. Cruz has already used it in code.