BREAKING NEWS: The GOP Will Nominate Ryan and Haley

GOP 2016 ticketFollowing the polls after last week’s debate, the RNC has quietly decided to run Paul Ryan and Nikki Haley.

None of the more or less corporate candiates,  Marco Rubio, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush or Ohio Gov. John Kasich, have enough support to take the nomination and become a credible candidate against Mrs. Clinton.

 In contrast, Ryan and Haley look like what Fox’s Bill O’Reilly has called “the real things.”  The two have been asked to prepare and will be touted unless there is some surprise in Iowa and New Hampshire.  This will take the same form of Ryan’s own reluctant recruitment as Speaker.  There will be a  “grass roots effort, led by Governor Haley, to woo Mr. Ryan but he will resist … saying it is too late and he needs to think about his young family and his important role as Speaker in a year of great change.  The plan is that by late Spring, Ryan will have to take the route of noblesse oblige.  Since the convention is to be in South Carolina, he will go there to confer with Haley, soon joined by Rubio, Carson, Bush, Christie, Kasich … all of whom will pledge their votes and support.  The coup will be complete.

Party kingmaker,  Haley Barbour of Mississippi, said “Let’s get through Iowa, let’s get through New Hampshire. Let’s give somebody a chance to win this thing before we try to figure out whether we’re going to have a contested convention or not.” Barbour, a close friend of Paul Ryan,  knows that a divided convention will not, and can not, happen.

The last time there was a truly brokered convention was before today’s world of 24/7 news and big media.  People still read newspapers in 1952 when Democrats drafted Adlai Stevenson, who won the party’s futile nomination on the third ballot.

The last time a Republican convention opened without a clear nominee was 1976.  Then, Gerald Ford led in delegates but lacked a majority coming into the convention. Ford beat back a challenge from Ronald Reagan and eked out the nomination on the first vote. The result was the United States presidential election of 1976 . The winner was Jimmy Carter.

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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    Interesting. This is a lot more plausible than any ticket involving the frontrunners. The GOP is staring at a potential disaster. Will they override their crazed voter base to save the party? Stay tuned, and expect a run on popcorn supplies.

  2. theaveeditor #

    The challenge they will have is how to make this look like a democratic act rather than the behavior of an oligarchy. Onr ideeas is “discover” a fatal flaw in Trump AFTER he beats Rubio n Fla. Thsi assumes Cruze Crumbles.