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Hypocrisy: South Carolina Celebrates MLK Day “With No Confederate Flag In Sight”

The Video Celebrates This Year’s Rally Was Held With No Stars and Bars! .. No White Folks Either?       From the Associated Press:  COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — For the first time in 17 years, civil rights leaders gathered at the South Carolina Statehouse to pay homage to the Rev. Martin Luthe[...]

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Why Bernie Will Not and Should Not be President, But …

David Preston I hope Bernie puts some pressure on Hillary to move against Wall Street, but I wouldn’t want him as president because he’s politically naive and couldn’t get much done. If he made it through the primary he could threaten the Dems’ chances of winning. I’ll [...]

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WWID about Joni Ernst


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THE Ave Challenge: Whatsit?


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Michael Hood Discover what makes a hot dog

Stupid morning in the kitchen. I’m experimenting with Haitian products, so I bought some andouy sausage in the mache, hoping to fry up crispy for whatever- spinach salads or… bought a section last week from the lady who sells pork. Extremely salty offal, but ok. Had Wahnna buy more. Went[...]

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See more of Elizabeth Taylor[...]

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As Trump Spreads


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On MLK … e pluribus Unum: one magnificent people.


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BREAKING NEWS: The GOP Will Nominate Ryan and Haley

Following the polls after last week’s debate, the RNC has quietly decided to run Paul Ryan and Nikki Haley. None of the more or less corporate candiates,  Marco Rubio, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush or Ohio Gov. John Kasich, have enough support to take the nomin[...]