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Why abortion should be legal, even if you think it’s wrong


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How much do states invest in their students?

Per-pupil K-12 spending (click here for source): Column headings: State/% change/2013/2012/2011/2010/2009/2008 Alabama -12.0 $8,755 $8,705 $9,224 $9,480 $9,561 $9,950 Alaska 13.7 $18,175 $17,681 $17,451 $16,847 $16,764 $15,991 Arizona -13.3 $7,208 $7,685 $8,023 $8,377 $8,422 $8,316 Arkansas 0.6 $9,3[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Complete Fossil of 23 Million-Year-Old Lizard in Amber Resin

A team of Mexican researchers have identified a small piece of fossil resin, in the shape of a trapezoid, to be of a 23 million-year-old lizard belonging to a new species of genus Anolis. Several months ago, the researchers retrieved the complete fossil of the lizard, trapped in amber, from Simojove[...]

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On 14 January 2016 a gathering of archbishops and moderators  in the crypt of Canterbury Cathedral passed a motion calling for excommunication of the Episcopal Church for a period of three years. Dominated by conservative African bishops,  the break is over the American acceptance of gay marriag[...]

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Seattle Seahawks nightscape  [...]

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THE Ave Challenge: WHOISIT?

A. Ian Koch, son of David Koch, PETA president B. Dennis Avner. also known as “Stalking Cat” C. Ian Eisenberg, winner’ “Worst Pictures of Topless Men with cats.” D. Richard Gere, scene from “Catman” E. Brad Pitt as Thomas Blake, fictional companion of  [...]

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SMS Comment: The Oscars and Race

The condescending white liberal world and the narcissistic world of Black activism  is whining about the whiteness of the Oscar nominees. The condescenti call this an “absence of diversity” as if adding some melanin to the products of global media would create a mythic racial balance [...]

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How Russians tow illegally parked cars

You gotta admit the Russkies do things with a certain flair …[...]

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