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What is Wahabi-ism?


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Blizzard of 2016


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What is a Lilium?

DRUDGE TODAY The egg-shaped plane, called Lilium, has been heralded as high up as the European Space Agency (ESA) The plane, designed by four German engineers, takes off and lands vertically, meaning it can use helipads Lilium has a top speed of 250mph, a range of 300 miles and only requires 50 feet[...]

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AFTER TRUMP: The case for TPP

TPP Is Exciting. Let’s Make the Case for It. The trade deal’s virtues don’t make good sound bites. Still, they’re compelling. BLOOMBERG.COM|BY TYLER COWEN[...]

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Real Zionism

 “When you read Kerry’s words, you see immediately that he accepted a significant number of Israel’s demands, first and foremost the demand that any future peace agreement include Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. Kerry also stated that a solution to the refugee problem[...]

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Dealing With SNOW


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Semitic Unity