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Athletes giving money

Does anyone else notice the large amounts of money that Black athletes are donating to their alma maters? New York Mets outfielder, Curtis Granderson donated $5 million to the University of Illinois-Chicago , Draymond Green, combo forward for the Golden State Warriors gave Michigan State University [...]

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Seattle’s House Marlket Goes Into Fever Mode

Buyers pay cash in a third of Seattle home sales The number of home-buyers paying cash rose to more than 31 percent of transactions. WWW.KING5.COM[...]

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Trump Continues Trumping the GOP!

See latest Reuters poll of polls … click image[...]

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Anthony: I am Lame

Anthony Washington I’m lame because I wanted the mother of my two youngest children to come home at night, go to school, and love her kids. I am lame because I dont go out, and cant afford the best restaurants. Im lame for quitting hoop, and wanting to be with my kids everyday. Im lame [&helli[...]

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Chinazor: Nigeria as Model for US Democracy!

Chinazor Onianwah What is even worse than been a dictator is woeful ineptitude. The world heard a president of the United States, Barack Obama, just days ago, tell the world how he took a nation on the brink of collapse and restored it. We all know he was telling the truth because every government i[...]