“Heart doctors outraged Florida dumps hospital standards after big gifts to GOP”

I may get in copyright trouble for quoting this CNN headline verbatim, but this is one of those things that must be allowed to speak for itself. Read the story here and here. Excerpt:

“The state of Florida is putting thousands of children with heart defects at risk, a group of cardiac doctors say, because of a change in policy that came after Tenet Healthcare contributed $200,000 to Florida Republicans. In a widely publicized investigation in June, CNN revealed that a program at a Tenet hospital in Florida had failed to live up to state quality standards for children’s heart surgery. Less than two months later, the state decided to get rid of those standards. That decision came after the giant for-profit hospital chain made contributions to Republican Gov. Rick Scott and his party that dwarfed those the company made to candidates or parties in other states.”

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