Anthony: Everybody move to the back of Bus

An 80-year-old Black man, proud of the accomplishments made during the Civil Rights movement, gets on a half empty Metro bus.  This tall, but slightly crouched, handsome, copper complexioned man, with no visible wrinkles, despite his age, would have been 19-20 years old around the time that the Montgomery Bus boycotts took place.  He looks at the seats available, and he immediately sits down in the front of the bus proudly, almost as if he still feel he can’t and he is channeling his inner Rosa Parks, or rather he knows he can, and still takes pride in the fact that his generation is the reason why Black people can sit at the front of the bus, without being harassed by racist white people.    58cf8e7364788c35a306667b7b4d3900.308x400x1

The old man, notices that while there are other Black people on the bus, there are no other Black people seated at the front of the bus.  Confused and hurt, as the scene reminded him of how things were before Black people took a stand.  Another group of Black kids get on the Metro bus, route 7, heading south on Rainer avenue, these kids are around 19-20 years old, and without any hesitation, these young men, smelling of sweet Kush, loudly head to the back of the bus with their music blaring, ignoring the drivers request for them to turn their music off.  Not even a thought of sitting anywhere near the front.

The old man shakes his head and asks to himself, what was the point of the marches, all of the sit-ins, and boycotts?  What happened?6918359

Anyone who rides a bus understands, that the front seating is now reserved for the elderly and the disabled.  Most people anticipate one of the two types of people to get on the bus at some point, and so riders do their best not to sit there.  However, after asking a large number of African Americans, ranging in age from 14 up to 45, the most common answer I received, has nothing to do with respecting elders or the disabled.  For the most part, African Americans sit at the back of the bus, in large part due to the fact that they will be unsupervised for the most part, as it is very hard for the bus driver to hear music, smell liquor being drank or weed being rolled up, all the way up at the front of the bus. download

On one end, I commend brothas that are being respectful and heading to the back, out of courtesy for the other passengers.  On the other hand, I cannot help but think, what does this say about the Black Freedom Struggle?  Have we as a group gone backwards?  Or is this not a big deal and something that requires no further attention?

It would seem that the accomplishments of the Civil Rights movement of the 50s-60s are a memory, but I may be overreacting.

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  1. Rrah #

    Too much time has been lost seeking civil rights. What are rights that are not enforced by the police and the courts????

  2. theaveeditor #

    What rights do you mean?

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