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Republicat Debates


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Amiri Baraka Dies

Amiri Baraka, Polarizing Poet and Playwright, Dies at 79 Mr. Baraka’s work was widely anthologized, and he was also long famous as a political firebrand, with critical opinion divided in every arena.[...]

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U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude was down $2.06 at $31.10 per barrel by 1:20 p.m. EDT (1820 GMT), having briefly dipped below $31 to the lowest level since December 2003. Brent crude futures were down by $2.15 at $31.40 a barrel, after falling to the lowest level since April 2004.  [...]

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PRESIDENT ROMNEY: First Commercial of Reelection Campaign

ROMNEY RYAN 2016 releases first commercial of re election campaign ;[...]

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Anthony Washington: Where folks sleep

Can you imagine having to sleep outside like this? Not enough shelters in the city, missed the hot meal, provided by the Union Gospel, laying on a ground just as cold as the air a blanket is suppose to protect you from. Constantly at risk of being robbed, harrased by the police, or worse murdered. [[...]

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Pennsylvania’s pigeon-shooter judge

Using live pigeons as targets is a cruel and barbaric sport. (It also was an Olympic sport, over a century ago, but no longer.) Once common, Pennsylvania is the only state where the sport remains legal. Consequently, Pennsylvania hosts all three U.S. gun clubs where live pigeon shoots are still cond[...]

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Hitler on Trump


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A major argument against SEIU at UW is that the union’s role in politics is in conflict with the faculty’s mandate and long history of being apolitical. The US Supreme Court may change that argument.  The Court’s decision could affect us in three ways: Dues structure:  Of the [...]