Trump wants violent football and insults NFL referees

150806212843-07-fox-debate-trump-0806-super-169Presidential candidate Donald Trump thinks football is boring because it has become soft, and liked the game better when it was more violent. He has harsh words for NFL referees: They “throw flags to impress their wives watching at home.” He whined, “Who wants to watch these crummy games?” and complained the NFL has outlawed “what used to be                          Did this man suffer a blow to the head?                 considered a great tackle, head-on and                                                                                                                violent.” Read the story here and here.

You think I’m kidding, right? You don’t believe Trump actually said this stuff; someone made it up, and the journalists reporting this story fell for a prank, right? Well, um, watch the video below and hear for yourself. Meanwhile, 18 high school football players died in 2014 and 2015 from blunt force trauma and other causes. Read that story here.

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