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  We’ll call her Yonah. ON MY MIND  JANUARY 4, 2016 MANISHTANA   From the Jewnited Nations website: “A mutual friend informed a group of us that Yonah had passed away and that the funeral would be later that week in Brooklyn, they weren’t sure when yet. But they wanted to make[...]

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A Great Collection of Poltical Cartoons


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AFTER TRUMP: Beginning to Remember the Obama Era


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Anthony: Light is on

Anthony Washington I aint going to write nothing crazy, but if people really knew all the shit that I have dealt with since the day that I originally decided to get back into school 6 years ago. I got tears of joy right now. Just a year ago, I had started to accept the fact […][...]

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Chinazor: The Mess That is Nigeria

Chinazor Onianwah News you can use. Nigerians abroad remit to their friends and family a whopping $20b annually. This represents the largest revenue, second to crude oil for Africa’s largest economy. The only thing this country of 170 million people lacks right now is a leader worth some shit;[...]

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Opening of New Japanese Gastropub


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The Sky is Falling ,,, ISIS vs Chicken Little

The world of threats to the US is an illusion – The Boston Globe Promoting the image of a world full of enemies creates a “security psychosis” that misshapes our view of the world. BOSTONGLOBE.COM[...]

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Trump says U.S. wages are too high

Donald Trump apparently believes that in order to compete with third world countries, we have to pay our workers third world wages (and expect them to live in third world conditions.) (Photo below: Rio slums) By the way, his tax plan would run up $10 trillion in new federal debt to give enormous tax[...]

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