UPDATE: Sawant, as predicted, is mulling her chances to run for the MickeyD seat!

Sawant and the red bookAs predicted on TA. Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, a self described Troskyist Socialist, has begun mooting  her candidacy for Congress. She does not currently live within the 7th District, but at least acc. to the Seattle Times) congressional candidates are not required to live in the district they’re seeking.

Although the Stranger claims that Sawant is devoted to her causes in Seattle, virtually none of them are at all likely to happen … rent control, for example, is illegal in WA state.  Worse, Sawant’s attacks on the other members of the City Council have left her very much on the outs. Sawant has so antagonized the local political scene that it is hard to see her as effective in anything beyond more ego tripping.  Nonetheless, the highly ambitious and super ego driven Sawant may really have no other choice.    Her supporters have talked of a campaign for Mayor, but Murray will be re elected Mayor.

The Stranger notes that Sawant’s supporters, the SEIU and the Socialist Alternative Party, may not have the resources for this campaign so soon after spending a wad to elect Sawant as a City Councillor, but what other choices do they have?  The  SEIU and East Coast far left activists are likely to see a unique opportunity in the 2106 with the combination of  Hillary, the Bernie movement, and demons like  Trump or Cruz representing the GOP.  I do not believe these enthusiasts will miss an opportunity to raise another million or so to finance a campaign.

My guess is yes. 

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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    Congress might be a good place to stash her. After all, congress people don’t actually do anything, and she would be 3,000 miles away.

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