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What angry western ranchers are rebelling against

This is what’s pissing off the guys who call federal land managers “tyrants” and threaten to shoot BLM agents on sight … (Click here for story)      [...]

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Trump’s first TV ad promises wall on U.S. – Morocco border

“Donald Trump’s inaugural television advertisement released on Monday reassures GOP primary voters that he will ‘stop illegal immigration by building a wall on our southern border that Mexico will pay for.’ That voice comes as viewers see more than a dozen people flowing tow[...]

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Mormons . Muslims .. is M an extremist Meme in religious terrorism?

Ian Eisenberg  FACEBOOK I saw Book Of Mormon last week and read Under The Banner of Heaven a few years back, so I am definitely a Mormon expert. I still do not understand the logic behind these seditious jackasses in Oregon. Explainer: The Bundy Militia’s Particular Brand Of Mormonism The are som[...]

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BUCHENWALD 90: When Jews Helped the Nazis.

If I ever get my brother Hugh Schwartz to let go of his hold on the pictures a major goal would be seeing if any of the corps men survive. These sorts of pictures are the reasons I feel so strongly about telling the story of my father as a Jew who led Americans liberating Buchenwald. […][...]

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WASTATE Teachers well paid/ Why pay them MORE then any other profession?

So why does the governor want to raise their pay by $20,000 when our teachers are now paid well above almost every other graduates of the UW?  UNIONS[...]

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Saudi Hype


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The way things SHOULD be!

Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz FACEBOOK NBC News covered our News Years Eve celebration today at our home welcoming new Syrian Refugee families to America (Christian, Muslim & Jewish families together). May 2016 be a safe & healthy year for all those fleeing violence & oppression! Let̵[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Jim McDermot steps down

Sunny Jim is expected to resign, after 14 terms. As someone with nearly 50 year old roots in this place and webs between my fingers, I am peased that this is finally happening.  In my opinion Jim has been more of a figurehead for Seattle’s self image than an effective representative.  While[...]

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All Hail Annual Depression Day

Researchers have named this Monday after New Year’s Day as the most depressing day of the year. Researchers for protein drink Upbeat analyzed two million tweets that were posted in the last three Januarys, and found that it was a day when people break their new year’s resolutions, the Ne[...]

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Guns, guns .. kicking off 2016

Here is the video[...]