SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Why the Jews were chosen

YHVH canaaniGod:

A major reason I chose the Jews is that these folks INVENTED the first vowels and used them to spell my name.  Those letters were יֱהֹוִה

Of course this is not the original spelling since the Jews adopted the Aramaic  alphabet 2500 years ago.  In any case, 4 vowels do not make anything pronounceable since I am that I am.

The letters do have names:

י Yodh [j, ee, eh, eye] ה He [h, ha, ah, heh] ו Waw [w, oooh, oh,uh ה He [[h, ha, ah, heh]] (or often a silent letter at the end of a word)

You can call me any time, the name you use is your choice not Mine

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