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THE Ave Challenge: Vaska

Vaska.  This word in Swedish supposedly has no meaning in English.  Can you guess what it means?[...]

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Day after … Christmas


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Police Violence


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David Brewster  Donald Trump is a grave threat to the GOP, by splitting off the “radical middle” voters who normally go along with the wealthy, elite leadership of the party. This happened before with Ross Perot. Here’s the key paragraph in this essay by Matthew Continetti: “[...]

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Danni Nika Askini at Oakland International Airport Apparently Oakland’s millimeter scanner didn’t like my crotch. After 4 failed scans and a lot of annoyed tsa agents and passengers… “ma’am… do you have anything in you pockets or underwear you want to let us know [...]

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A Sandwish For the day after Xmas


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Olde Day After Last Xmas


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Iceland Sun