Trump vs. Bush tax plans

I’m not sure why Mother Jones bothered with this article, because it’s obvious Jeb! won’t be the GOP nominee, whereas it’s increasingly likely the Trumpster will be. (But hopefully, pray God, not president.) But here it is, a comparison of Trump’s and Bush’s tax plans, courtesy of the Tax Policy Center.

Everyone knows how Republican tax scams — excuse me, tax schemes — work. The poor and middle class get scraps plus the fallout of massive deficits, while buckets of gravy are ladled to plutocrats; the richer you are, the bigger the tax breaks.

Not surprisingly, this is how Trump’s and Bush’s schemes con the gullible public, too. After all, Bush is a Republican, and Trump is running as one. The only question is, whose plan is more egregious? See the answer for yourself in the chart below.


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