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Pustelnik’s Christmas Thoughts

Stephen Paul Pustelnik Some thoughts as we enter the holiday season. It is important to remember that not everyone is looking forward to Christmas. Some people are not surrounded by large wonderful families. Some have problems during the holidays and are overcome with great sadness when remembering [...]

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Migrants, who were found at sea on a boat, collect rainwater during a storm at a temporary refugee camp near Maungdaw, northern Rakhine state, Myanmar Picture: REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun[...]

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Islamophobia Tags!


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Last Minute Shopping. South Carolina Style


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Anthony Washington:Erasing History

Anthony Washington There was a day where I was helping a young Ethiopian kid with his world history. He was studying about Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, who annexed Ethiopia in 1936. That’s history, and I did not have an issue with that, but what I did find interesting is the book made no men[...]

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People of Color Tags!

What is the line between respect and obsequious fawning on others? Are  Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio POC? Is Satya Nadella a POC? Are Arabs POC, Jews too? Are gypsies POC? Are Koreans POC? Do Amerinds need ot look injun to be POC? READMORE HERE[...]

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What civilians don’t grasp about police culture

Cops refuse to acknowledge their mistakes. Here’s why. “In many departments, officers have developed a pathological aversion to ‘second-guessing.’ There is a pervasive belief that scrutinizing officer’s use-of-force decisions will lead officers to hesitate, exposing them to[...]

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FACEBOOK: Hate speak

Michael Hargett Where is Congress, where is the Senate… and where the fxxk is Our Military to Protect Our freedoms and the Constitution. ..they’re all Fxxking silent. .. cause their paid off… we are going to have to fight to save ourselves and families… they can never get our[...]

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Email Security Zone: Stephen Schwartz For your account ending in: 6298 The Amazon Prime Store Card is issued and administered by Synchrony Bank. *,** Click here for full details. If your eligible Amazon Prime Membership ends, your Amazon Prime Store Card will be changed back to an Store C[...]

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Christmas Greetings!