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Just Like Tom Corbet! SPACEX Lands a space ship on its tail ..

SpaceX completed an historic vertical landing of its Falcon 9 rocket on Monday night — the first time such a feat had been achieved. The launch and landing in Cape Canaveral, Florida, were the first from the private U.S. spaceflight company since its rocket exploded on liftoff in June. “Welc[...]

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Merry Xmas


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New Clinton Scandal:

  Why was she alone and what was she doing? Annie Linskey BOSTON GLOBE  DECEMBER 20, 2015 Clinton apologized to a live television audience for returning late from the ladies’ room after the break. The reason is one many women are familiar with: An unexpected line for the loo. While Clinton wait[...]

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Its Alive!

Bertha begins digging again! Bertha back on the move after 2 years of delays The troubled but refurbished Highway 99 tunnel machine Bertha resumed drilling in a sandy pit early Tuesday, continuing its long journey to South Lake Union.Updated 11:41 am Previous Bertha coverage at Seattle Time[...]