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Debates 2015: the final result

The Republican nightmare.[...]

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A CHRISTIAN Responds to Christmas: “A Jew sinner at that. “

Christopher Hansen  (FACEBOOK) If you keep spamming my posts I will remove you from my posts. Sinner. A Jew sinner at that. Your people wouldn’t even exist had not God saved them so many times. All praise to the God of your fathers. Whom you should also worship and fear.[...]

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My brother in law, William Quick, is a proud resident of South Carolina. Bill and my sister chose to live there, I assume, because of the low taxes and warm weather.  Bill and Steph also sail, so the coastal waters of the Palmetto State must be attractive. I think this choice is what my Black frie[...]

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Christmas Gifts


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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Vatican tells Catholics not to attempt to convert Jews

Catholics should no longer evangelize  Jews.  How Jews can be saved while not believing in Christ “remains an unfathomable mystery in the salvific plan of God.” Pope Francis’s Vatican has issues a a major new document that draws the church further away from the strained relations of t[...]

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UW Faculty Leaders Oppose SEIU

Opinion in Seattle Times:  Unionization is like throwing sand in the gears of what is, by any measure, an institution that performs at an extraordinarily high level. Paul B. Hopkins   Ed Lazowska Opinion in The Seattle Times THE Service Employees International Union has launched a campaign to uni[...]