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What if the Donald had the key to the bomb?

Trump spokesperson: Why bother having nuclear weapons if you’re afraid to use them? A spokesperson for  Donald Trump’s front running GOP presidential campaign lashed out at his fellow Republican candidates for saber-rattling about war — inferring that they are all talk and no action — befor[...]

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Today’s Weather Forecast from The UK


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BREAKING NEWS: Trump chooses running mate


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The GOP Polls

SHARE: ELECTIONS & POLITICS Possible Republican presidential candidates in 2016 SUGGESTED POLL READINGS: Between Dec 12ᵗʰ and Dec 18ᵗʰ, Donald Trump was down sharply among those aged 50-65, compared to other age groups. | Ben Carson is polling somewhat weaker in the Far West states, compar[...]

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FACEBOOK: The Mitzvah

Christopher Goodwin (FACEBOOK) So I stop at Fred Meyer on my way home and on the back road I see two women with a tiny flashlight rummaging in the trunk of a car and I notice that the front tire is flat. I stop with my lights on the car, put on my flashers and proceed […][...]

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Chris Goodwin: Racist Hypocrisy

Christopher Goodwin vFACEBOOK It’s pathetic that this person is published. It’s pathetic that people looking to vent their rage do so at innocents. It’s pathetic that anyone beats a man for the crimes of another. It’s pathetic that this article opens with a statement which al[...]

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Davey Jones: Lawyers and Unions at Sea

For some reason the demon stopped harassing the AB, no one knows why, perhaps my cutting and welding the pipe scared it off, but more likely as the ship made Honolulu, the demon simply went on vacation in Hawaii. (that’s my theory anyway)  While in Honolulu something far worse than a demon harass[...]

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How The Ethiopean Jews Were Saved