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DAVID PRESTON: Homeless in Seattle

David Preston A homeless man scrounges through a Dumpster on 2nd and Columbia in downtown Seattle, looking for flattened cardboard boxes to use as mattress and blanket. I was returning from a public meeting on homelessness and had looked into this nook moments earlier, figuring it was the kind of pl[...]

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Sent: Monday, December 14, 2015 11:09 AM To: News – All Employees Subject: Newsroom reduction Colleagues, As you know, 2016 is a tough budget year for The Seattle Times. Thanks to your creativity, we were able to find tens of thousands of dollars in savings from expenses. But even after pullin[...]

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GOP bombs Disneyland!

Well, not really, but that’s not very far off. Mother Jones reports, “According to Public Policy Polling, a recent poll of 532 Republican primary voters found that 30 percent supported bombing Agrabah. The only problem is that Agrabah is the fictional country from the Disney movie Alad[...]

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How gullible are Republicans?

Folks, we now live in a time when the credulous fools making up much of the grassroots base of one of our major political parties believe the most outlandish things liars can make up. For example, a notorious hoaxster started an internet rumor that President Obama ordered a nuclear attack against Ch[...]

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How to pass time in Trump’s Muslim internment camps

When there’s not much to do, you can play chess or engage in intellectual discussions.[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: Where is this?


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BUCHENWALD 85: As we go back to court to liberate my Dad’s photographs from Buchenwald, Poland Turns Hard to Right , Jews Wind Up Again in The Crosshairs Of Polish Antisemtism

Next Monday my family will be back in court.  While my brother and sister are fighting to prevent my father’s pictures from Buchenwald becoming public, the pictures are fading and the remaining survivors will soon all be dead. Perhaps Hugh and Stephanie do not understand how ephemeral such p[...]