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The Alternative Reality of Las Vegas

FACEBOOK: David Neiwert My full report from Las Vegas. I have to say, there’s nothing quite as surreal as surrounding yourself with a roomful of people who live in an alternative universe in which facts simply don’t apply. Gaffney’s ‘Summit’ in Nevada a Nonstop Procession of Extre[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Paul Ryan Breaks the Rule of the MInority


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Chris Christie .. channeling the dead?


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THE-Ave Scene: Capitol Hill

Vulcan in evaluation agreement, eyeing Central District’s Promenade 23 Seattle real estate giant Vulcan has entered into an agreement to evaluate for purchase the property around 23rd and Jackson, home of the Promenade 23 and… CAPITOLHILLSEATTLE.COM[...]

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Religious education in Tennessee

Several local school boards in Tennessee are objecting to a state curriculum that mandates teaching public school students about world religions, i.e., religions other than Christianity, and specifically, Islam. Read the story here. Below, a newspaper advertisement inviting citizens to attend a priv[...]

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Of Jewish DNA, and lobster trap Christmas trees

  A Great Essay on The Winter Holidays at Panbo by Ben Ellison, posted on Dec 31, 2014 I hope that Panbo readers everywhere enjoyed Hanukkah, the winter solstice, Christmas and/or any other way you celebrate the holiday season. We deserve all the light and cheer we can find, especially when the[...]

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Carvaggio Paints The Ukraine


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Anybody got a goude?

Michael Hood This is the sorry state of Haitian currency. everyone kvetches about it, not just foreigners. The feel is like limp fabric; the bills’ dishragitude defies them orderliness in a stack or a wad- and it’s tres necessaire to have stacks and wads in order to live and pay for it h[...]

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Bill Quick “This toad should crawl back into his swamp and stop annoying the world with his misinformation and bigotry.”

Bill Quick, my brother in law, is at it  again.   Bill responded, on  FACEBOOK, to a post I made here on THE Ave about a bridge in Charleston South Carolina.  The bridge is named after a flagrant racist, Arthur Ravenel, Jr.  I asked how a Black citizen must feel driving over this bridge. The[...]