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Two prisons

Moscow’s Lubyanka prison … Chicago PD’s secret detention facility (read story here) …    [...]

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Of Guns and Gods


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Terror Strikes a Baby

Documenting Anti-Semitism He Is just a baby, he didn’t do anything bad to anyone. But from yesterday he is crippled His leg was taken from him because of bloody Arab terrorist who decided to murder him of being a Jew. He will not crawl for the first time, there will not be the first step [&hel[...]

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It Snows in Cairo!


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Charleston’s Racist Bridge … Should Black Folks Ride This Slippery Bridge?

I wonder whether Black citizens avoid this bridge even when it is not icy in South Carolina?  The Bridge is named for a South Carolina politician and racist, Arthur Ravene, Jr.  Mr. Ravenel’s fellow lawmakers voted to name the bridge the  Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge.   Some felt that the b[...]

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Michael Hood: The rudder falls off but the phone survived

Michael Hood I was raised on the water. We lived at the beach and had boats in Puget Sound. I’m comfortable there. Can’t remember ever being afraid- probably don’t have the proper respect for the sea, but there you are. No brains, no headache. Mondays, here in Haiti, I cram myself [...]

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Where a barrel of oil goes


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Shopper tips police to Maryland man plotting mass shootings

Baltimore police, acting on a citizen tip, arrested a man who apparently was planning attacks against government offices and public officials. Police were alerted by a shopper on Saturday who overheard the man talking to himself. When police questioned him, he claimed to “own” the govern[...]

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What a Trump presidency might look like