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The 2016 GOP Ticket


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Israel” Arabs and Jews!

‘We Are Living Proof That Arabs And Jews Can Refuse To Be Enemies’ Ayman Odeh leads a coalition of predominantly Arab parties in the Israeli parliament.[...]

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Hanukkah .. time to make traditional fried Incan pancakes

So this afternoon my wife is making that traditional Hanukkah Jewish delicacy .. latkes. The problem is how can we celebrate Hanukkah with a pancake made with the new world tuber not known in Israel until 2000 years after the Maccabees?  And what did the Maccabees fry their latkes in?  Olive oil w[...]

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Hannukah: In Kurdish Iraq

Jewish Kurds hold groundbreaking Iraq commemoration . A picture taken on November 30, 2015, shows a menorah, Judaism’s seven-branched candelabrum, during a ceremony marking the deportation of Jews from Iraq seven decades ago, in Arbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdish region of northern I[...]