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South Carolina: After suspending students for dressing as KKK, South Carolina’s Military Training School is STILL displaying the racist flag in its chapel.

Democrats Want Confederate Flag atCitadel Military College Down MSN · 3 hours ago Presidential candidates respond to the publication of photos showing military cadets with pillowcases on their heads in the style of the Ku Klux Klan The …  Meanwhile, nearby Charleston College, a sate school, is [...]

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A Trump supporter rants about “lying liars”

Susan DeLemus was a member of a focus group of Trump supporters explaining why they support their candidate. In this video, she rants about lying politicans: “We’ve got people who are in positions of power who I know for a fact are liars. Liars! My president comes on the TV and he lies to m[...]

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Is this a country you want to live in?

  I’m talking about Texas, not Somalia or Yemen, where guns are ubiquitous and life is cheap. The guys in the photo are “open carry” advocates who believe anyone should be allowed to openly carry guns anywhere. Problem is, while they think this is their “right,” it[...]

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UW Needs a Stronger Senate Before it Needs an SEIU Union

Pedro Verdugo “In fact the ball is in Ana Mari’s court. She might be constrained by a powerful Board of Regents, and by a heavy UW bureaucracy. Nevertheless, many of us in the faculty are betting that she might be the President that once and for all resolves these shameful shortcomings of co[...]

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Republican Hate Mongers


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The Charter School Debate from FB

Jack Smith  CHARTER SCHOOLS – “A GRAVY TRAIN” – No wonder Bill Gates and his Foundation supported the Initiative to get them. They need more Easy Money, they view Public Schools as bad for their interests or both. Any comments to share with this list? I am sure not everyone[...]

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Davey Jones: The mutiny off Honolulu ctd

Meanwhile… At about the tail end of the oiler’s saga, an AB claimed that “someone or something” (his exact words) was entering his stateroom while he was sleeping taking his clean towels, and putting dirty towels on his clothes line. The first strange part of the AB’s story is why does he [...]

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When Chanukah fell on Shabbat, across the street from Nazi Headquarters

It was the eighth night of Chanukah in Kiel, Germany, a small town with a Jewish population of 500. That year, 1931, the last night Chanukah fell on Friday evening, and Rabbi Akiva Boruch Posner, spiritual leader of the town was hurrying to light the Menorah before the Shabbat set in.Directly across[...]