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Are American contributions to the Israeli settlers tax deductible?

Who pays for Israel’s settlements? It could be you – Opinion Funneling monies to settlements is the most successful sustained smuggling operation in Israel’s history. The Haaretz probe of tax deductible private U.S.… HAARETZ.COM[...]

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Hmmmm … no Jewish deities in that list? Why is the list so important at Hanukkah time? After 2000 years of forced conversion, burning our books, and burning us at the stake …. Christians want to tell us he was a Jew and is OUR messiah? The worst of this is when  we celebrate Hanukkah a[...]

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Hannukia Challah


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Michael Hood:

Michael Hood I needed, finally, to be shorn. Nothing else would do. I was scaring the children; my hair was never not greasy from lack of hot water; the Haitian humidity gave each of my curly locks a life of its own. Each hair unaccountable to me, let alone to the stern government recently elected. [...]

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Trump and Eagle


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Teddy Roosevelt on Americanism


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Gun Liability

There are rational laws (or could be) that could stop the gun madness without encroaching on the right wing’s view of the second amendment or the real desire of some to use guns to hunt. The simple answer begins with a strict national gun registration law.  All guns, like all cars,  ought to[...]

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No love for Trump at NY Daily News

PS, I don’t like him either.  [...]

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Breaking News: Trump Jumps Ahead!