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Did Black Lives Matter on Black Friday?

Coming up to Thanksgiving, I heard a lot of talk about how Seattle, oh so liberal Seattle, was going to show its stuff last Friday ..the day called “Black Friday.” Our synagogue even devoted Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement, to atoning for how we (Jews) have hurt Black people. That was w[...]

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#CHARTER SCHOOLS:Speaking up for students even in the face of controversy

Rep. Sawyer: Public charter schools and the families they serve need the Legislature’s support OLYMPIA – In response to the state Supreme Court’s recent refusal to reconsider its recent decision on… HO– USEDEMOCRATS.WA.GOV Chiho Fox  FACEBOOK Awesome David Sawyer. I knew you were one [...]

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Crosscut Wades Into The UW Union Issue

Sadly an article written by an intern in Crosscut fails to discuss the issues with the proposed UW faculty union. The issue deserved a LOT more insight.  The article is right about one thing.  The UW pays its non contract faculty abysmal wages to provide entry level courses.  Annual salaries can[...]

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Man guns down waitress for telling him not to smoke in restaurant

“Biloxi Police arrested a man who they say shot a waitress to death at a Waffle House near the Coliseum. Police say, she told him he couldn’t smoke inside the restaurant, so he pulled out his gun and shot her,” WKRG TV reported. A suspect, Johnny Mount, 45, was arrested. The incident o[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: Where is this?