Slain Colorado Springs civilians are people of color

kearre-stewart1Both civilians killed in Friday’s rampage in Colorado Springs are minorities: Ke’arre Stewart, who is black, and Jennifer Markovsky, a Native Hawaiian.

“CBS Denver reports that one of the civilian victims killed has been identified as Ke’arre Stewart, 29, an Iraq War veteran and a father of two. The other victim has been identified as Jennifer Markovsky, no other information about her is available at this time. Stewart’s sister, Temprest Llyod, told CBS affiliate KKTV that Stewart was outside Planned Parenthood making a phone call because he didn’t have service in the building. He was shot by the gunman, ran inside and was the person who told everyone to get down, get into rooms and called 911.”


jennifermarkovsky1-e1448833211695“Markovsky was at the Planned Parenthood medical center to support a friend, Hawaii News Now reports. …  Markovsky met her husband, Paul, when he was in the military and stationed in Hawaii, and moved to Colorado Springs with him, the Denver Post reports. She was the mother of two children, a son and a daughter.





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