David Preston on Sawantism: Packing Meetings

David Preston On Perversions of Democracy

Sawant red booksDavid Preston On the national stage, Republicans are playing a role that’s analogous to what radicals like Kshama Sawant are doing in Seattle. Even when they don’t win elections, they’re still able to shift the debate.

Here’s the response I got from Seattle ethics when I asked them (in a very general way) about use of city property for campaign rallies. When I contacted them, I didn’t mention Sawant or the People’s Budget thing. I just said I had a question about use of city property by councilmembers to push an agenda or publicize themselves. The Ethics Commission folks knew just what I was talking about, though, because they sent me this link and said, “This should answer your questions.”

LOL. The document they sent me was all about Sawant.


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