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Carson wants Fed Govt to monitor college professors for “political bias”

Yes, he really said that. No, this isn’t a Halloween spoof. Hear him say it on this video (the relevant segment begins at 3:25) and/or read the story here. Carson says he’ll repurpose the Department of Education to monitor what university professors teach and deny federal funding to [...]

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Wierd .. was she paid for this?

The Scent of a Woman Jamie Lee Curtis I have worn Oscar de la Renta’s signature fragrance, Oscar, my whole adult life, and I will stay forever devoted and will wear him to my grave. Gentle, soft, feminine, chic, elegant. His style. My scent. Words I attribute to us both. Jamie Lee Curtis Actre[...]

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About that “leadership” …

In the 2004 presidential debates, George W. Bush told the audience “it’s about leadership.” Now Jeb! is running for president, and is telling Republican donors that his brother is “a case study in leadership.” Yes, he is.   And that’s not even counting the 9/[...]

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Guillermo del Toro

“I like to say that we only make one movie in our lifetime,” says Guillermo del Toro, “a movie made of all the images of all our movies.” In Del Toro’s case, that movie is a never-ending box set of monsters, contraptions and beautiful, dark, twisted fantasies. More drawings[...]