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Ford CEO punctures Trump’s brag

But Ford CEO Mark Fields says the decision to move heavy truck production from Mexico to Ohio was made in 2011 and added, “Facts are stubborn things … the facts are getting lost in the politics.” Read the story here. Trump has dropped to 2nd place in GOP polls ahead of tomorrow[...]

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Kapitalist karma

“A pharmaceutical company announced Thursday that it plans to introduce a significantly lower-cost version of Daraprim, the drug that made headlines last month after jumping from $13.50 per pill to $750. “Imprimis Pharmaceuticals is offering a ‘customizable compounded formulations&[...]

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The issue that will destroy Carson

“Republicans have fended off accusations for years that they’d gut Medicare for seniors and end the program ‘as we know it.’ Not Ben Carson. The former neurosurgeon acknowledges he would abolish the program altogether.” “Carson, who now leads the GOP field in Iow[...]

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Being a U.S. voter is a tough job


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How Florida’s ex-felons can get their voting rights back

By hoping voters elect a Democratic governor, that’s how. In the chart below, red bars represent Democratic governors, and gray bars represent Republican governors. Of course, this whole issue is racially charged because of how Florida’s criminal justice system is skewed against blacks, [...]

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Tamir Rice prosecutor secretly stages grand jury charade to exonerate child-killing cops

The killing of a 12-year-old black boy by a white cop shortly after he was hired by Cleveland police after being fired as unsuitable for police work by a neighboring city’s police department triggered a public firestorm, and is one of the nation’s highest-profile white-on-black police ki[...]

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A Pogrom Against Jews: 1929 in Palestine

Mirel Goldenberg “In 1929, when Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, told his followers that Jews were preparing to take over the Al-Aqsa Mosque, anti-Jewish riots erupted across Palestine that became known as the 1929 Palestine riots. The Safed riot was part of this wave o[...]

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Revisiting the 2000 election

“The 2000 election brought national attention to the hundreds of thousands of ex-felons in Florida who had lost their right to vote. Before Jeb Bush took office, Florida responded to a 1998 voter fraud scheme in Miami—a rare case of actual voter fraud—by hiring an outside firm to purge the[...]

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Trump confused by drop in polls

Donald Trump, after disparaging nearly everyone on the planet, then dropping behind Ben Carson in Iowa and national polls, says “I don’t get it.” Should we explain it to him? Nah, let him figure it out.[...]

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Is There an Alternative for Palestinians?

 What does nonviolence, the heritage of Hillel, Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Chavez, offer Palestinians seeking peace? The first intifada was inspired by the legendary Rav Hillel.  Occupied by Rome and suffering under a corrupt priesthood controlled by Rome, Hillel taught non violence .. resist[...]