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October 26th, 2015 - 9:32 pm § in Schools & Colleges

Should British universities grade students using an American-style system?

Going for that 4.25! Britain has a very weird system … probably not even understood by anyone there since it was created around the same time as the war of 1812.  Britain, of course won that war. Actually, if there is a change, the new system will not effect Oxford and Cambridge .. A spokesm[...]

October 26th, 2015 - 5:45 pm § in Uncategorized

The Changing Oil Market

A British Petroleum economist’s presentation at a professional conference earlier this month explains why traditional key assumptions about the oil market are changing, and what it means for the future. Among other things: High oil prices won’t return, and oil won’t run out. And, h[...]

October 26th, 2015 - 12:02 pm § in Misc.

THE Ave Challenge

Who is this?[...]

October 26th, 2015 - 11:54 am § in Politics

GOP sec’y of state resigns, pleads guilty to embezzling campaign funds

New Mexico’s secretary of state, Dianna Duran, resigned Thursday as part of a plea deal to avoid jail time for embezzling campaign funds to pay gambling debts. While Duran pleaded guilty to 4 felony and 2 misdemeanor counts involving $14,000 of campaign funds, she was originally charged with 6[...]

October 26th, 2015 - 10:42 am § in Misc., UW

UW Excellence opposes UW SEIU

A large group of UW faculty, including many of our most eminent scientists, artists, and authors, have formed “UW Excellence” in opposition to the SEIU effort to organize a UW faculty union.   I have added my name t0 the list.   Like the other members of UW Excellence, I am doing this [...]

October 26th, 2015 - 8:54 am § in Misc.

Bill Bradburd great cartoon, vote for him