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What Hath Fox Wrought?


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THE Ave Challenge: Where is this

a. Scene from new episode of Star Wars “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” b. Zhangye City, northwest China c. Painting by Amita Fru d.  Desert scene after launch of  Paul Allen’s Space Ship One. e. “Elijah” volcano on Mars. [...]

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THE Ave Challenge: Who is this?


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Breaking News — Biden won’t run

Vice President Joe Biden took himself out of the Democratic nomination race this morning, giving timing as his reason. “It’s too late” to join the race, he said. Biden’s decision finalizes the Democratic field. Read the story here.[...]

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Maybe I should subscribe to the Seattle Times?

Andrew Villeneuve FACEBOOK Today’s Seattle Times is worth your money, friends. It features: — The latest installment of The Wrap by humorist Ron Judd, in which Judd takes aim at Tim Eyman for his love of helping himself to his supporters’ money; — A great new story by report[...]

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Scalia foresees end of death penalty

Sentiment on the Supreme Court is swinging against the death penalty, Justice Scalia told a University of Minnesota Law School audience yesterday, and he “wouldn’t be surprised” if it’s struck down. Scalia, a death penalty supporter, said recent rulings from the Court make de[...]

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Academic Free Speach

THE BLAZE: College Professor Writes Column Confessing Her ‘Hate’ for Republicans —  University of Michigan supports her right of free speech.   Communications professor Susan Douglas wrote a column  titled “We Can’t All Just Get Along.” She said, “In our era of polarization, one par[...]

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Sawant Does A Trump .. takes credit for the restrooms

 (From Publicola) City council member Kshama Sawant took credit for making sure that the teamsters got new restrooms as part of  teamsters negotiations with the port. Sawant said yesterday: “When this special permit for a heavy haul network came up in committee, we voted no because the Teamsters[...]