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DAVID BREWSTER: How will AMC Deal With The Press?

David Brewster Ana Mari Cauce has just been tapped as new UW president. I learned from her that her original career aspiration was to be a journalist, and she started majoring in journalism and English, later switching to psychology. It was the days of Watergate, after all. She still prefers to writ[...]

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Sawantistas demand that Erica Barnett personally apologize for Pamela Banks comments.

THE District 3 Race is getting weirder and weirder. ERICA BARNETT ‘s interview with Pam Banks resulted in a demand that Erica remove Banks’ comments on Sawant’s poor connection to the African American community (in red to the left). The Sawantistas went so far as to demand that[...]

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Who won the Democratic debate?

I think that’s the wrong question to ask, and don’t believe the debate should be analyzed in those terms. Instead, let’s evaluate its potential impact on the campaign. It may keep Joe Biden out of the Democratic nomination race. He’s the Democrats’ default candidate if [...]

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Capitalism CAN Do Good!

Student Buys On A Whim. What Happens Next Is Pretty Great All’s well that ends well. Damon BeresTech Editor, The Huffington Post Posted: 10/12/2015 02:29 PM EDT | Edited: 10/13/2015 04:42 PM EDT What would you do if you owned the most powerful website on Earth? Sanmay Ved, a student[...]

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Marco Rubio: ‘You Can’t Live On $10 An Hour’

The Florida senator opposes raising the minimum wage, but he seemed to acknowledge this week that it’s nowhere near high enough.[...]

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“You honeymooned in the Soviet Union.”

?? Who the hell is Anderson Cooper?? The question has no more basis in reality then the typical Fox fantasies about Obama being a Muslim.  Put bluntly .. Cooper was red baiting to build CNN ratings.   The facts are simple. … Sanders was the mayor of Burlington Vermont when he married his sec[...]

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The truth is that they both won.

Chad Lupkes  FACEBOOK The pundits might be claiming that Hillary “won the debate”, even though most online polls have her at a severe disadvantage because of the immense strength of Bernie’s social media army. That’s why he is winning the polls. The truth is that they both w[...]

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This is the third time TA has been hacked.  Posts from the last two days have had to be deleted. Who is doing this???  I have evidence that is coming from an IP address in North Charleston, South Carolina where I know only one person who might do this.  Unfortunately, the FBI and the state of [&[...]

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Cauce is new UW president

The University of Washington’s interim president, Ana Mari Cauce, no longer has “interim” preceding her title. The Board of Regents gave her the president’s job yesterday by a unanimous vote after a competitive selection process that attracted nearly 70 candidates. The Seatt[...]