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LONDON: Seattle’s future

London: the city that ate itself London is a city ruled by money. The things that make it special – the markets, pubs, high streets and communities – are becoming unrecognisable. The city is suffering a form of entropy whereby anything distinctive is converted into property… GU.COM|BY ROWA[...]

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Can Republicans Govern?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says starting talks with Obama on two-year budget deal[...]

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Make Trump Great Again


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Bush and Supporters ..of Sanders?

I heard all their jackets were closed until they posed.  Bush .. what money can not buy #FeelTheBern #BernieSanders#Bernie2016[...]

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Outsourcing Education

For Americans Seeking Affordable Degrees, German Schools Beckon More and more Americans are pursuing graduate degrees in Germany, where tuition is often free and many classes are taught in English. WWW.NPR.ORG|BY WEEKEND EDITION SUNDAY[...]

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Ta-Nehisis Coates Wins the Genius Award

Ta-Nehisis Coates (Journalist … Poet) The MacArthur Foundation gave its genius award to  the 39-year-old national correspondent at The Atlantic in Washington, D.C.  His writing is amazing. [...]

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Note to Trevor Noah: Fehhh

I have watched The Daily Show and you aren’t John Stewart MY VERDICT: A poorly written first try with the light skinned guy from South Africa trying to hard to do “John.” Click the image    [...]

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Chum is cheap, is Kita Good?

Ever consider eating Kita?  Or do you feed it to your cat? How many times have I told visitors not to eat Kita? Kita is the name Ivars’ puts on the chum salmon, cheap stuff we in Seattle also call catfood. Kevin Bailey of Crosscut claims that  chum has gotten a bad rap over the years. [&hel[...]

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BUCHENWALD 78: One Reason Memories Matter


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THE Ave Challenge: What Happened 105 Yrs Ago?