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THE AVE Challege: What was the Kitty Salon?[...]

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As we hear about Black Lives Matter .. this what the UW Minority Affairs Website looks like.

This is what you will see if you use Bing (or Google) to search for the UW minority affairs office today.  Is this real in th era of “Black Lives Matter?” In a school that is greatly over represented by scholarshipped African Americans and Pacific Islanders to play ball, I have troubl[...]

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The Internet Economy Comes to ….. Beirut?

HUFF POST BLOG By Alexandra Talty Recently called “the Silicon Valley of the Middle East” by CNN, and “the Middle East’s Tech Hub” by TechCrunch, Beirut’s tech scene is the darling of international media of late. (Though Techonomy first wrote about it over two yea[...]

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Obama vs. Jackson

As we take down the confederate flag, lets give Jackson his due as founder of the republican Party Eight years ago a Clinton backer, complained that Obama was “usurping the historic Democratic Party, dating back to the age of Andrew Jackson, by rejecting its historic electoral core: white workers[...]

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Enjoying the Tea Party in Iran

Iran’s president trolls the hell out of the GOP candidates: ‘People of Iran see them as a form of entertainment’[...]

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Tea Party proposes to control sex

Fox guest proposes welfare reform: People earning minimum wage ‘shouldn’t be having children’[...]

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The Media: Are Politico of Huff Post the New Media?

Politico Plans Expansion To 50 States And Major World Capitals By 2020l Living in Seattle we suffer from a lack of news media. The Seattle Times has become s ad remnant of a family business.  The for profit TV stations are owned by national chains specializing in sports and bad sitcoms.  Our publ[...]

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What is “nullification?” The doctrine that Federal laws are subject to being overturned by any state. Prior to the Civil war, nullification  was widely promoted by John Calhoun, the great Southern advocate of slavery.  Later the doctrine was touted as justifying  segregation.  Now i[...]

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Why the UW needs a union.

Gifted professor’s ‘life of the mind’ was also life of near destitution A MUST read for anyone interested in why the UW faculty may need than a union. The story abut a great Seattle University faculty member living and dying on $18,000 is not unlike stories about our own adjunct faculty.  Ev[...]