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Getting Stuff From The John Birch Society


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BREAKING NEWS: from FACEBOOK ..Gohmert to be new Speaker.

Ken Humphrey BREAKING NEWS! Washington Post reports that Louie Gohmert of Texas will be elected Tuesday as the new GOP Speaker of the House. It is reported that it is Congressman Gohmert’s judicial experience is what is propelling him into the Speakership.[...]

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FACEBOOK Censors the Holocaust

I woke up this AM to find a message from Facebook that the original version of this post hads been censored because of “nudity.”  I am reposting it with a link to the original .. just click here.  Or you can read the original text below. Imagine what this eve of Yom Kippur must have [&[...]

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 The Land of the Setting Sun Watches Its Universities Sink as The Sea Rises

 Japan Dumbs Down Its Universities ….Noah Smith Most people who follow news from Japan will be paying attention to the economy, or possibly to the fist-fight that broke out in the Diet over security policy. But there was a huge and very worrying change in Japanese education policy that someh[...]