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What Walker’s collapse means for the GOP in the 2016 election

Legendary House Speaker Tip O’Neill famously said, “All politics is local.” Scott Walker’s political career was shaped by the most politically polarized piece of geography in America. Southeast Wisconsin — Milwaukee and its environs — is a place where everyoneR[...]

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Fiorina’s hypocrisy about mocking women’s appearance

When Fiorina blasted Trump (deservedly) for mocking her appearance, it was a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black, because when she ran for Senate in 2010, Fiorina did to Barbara Boxer exactly what Trump did to her. Watch it yourself:  [...]

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Walker bows out of GOP race

The Wisconsin governor’s brand of union-bashing conservatism didn’t light a fire under the national GOP base. Out of money, his support plummeting, Scott Walker abandoned his bid for the presidency today. The Wisconsin governor, whose vicious campaign against public unions brought him na[...]

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Bus passengers shame Boston cops into not using their guns

The scene is a Boston bus. A cop is trying to arrest a theft suspect. When she resists and pushes him away, he draws his gun. The crowd on the bus begins chanting, “Drop the gun!” and eventually he holsters it. A second cop boards the bus and he, too, goes for his gun. Again […][...]

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Ben Carson’s lawyer claims t-shirts violate his privacy

CafePress, custom t-shirt maker, has received a threatening letter from GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson’s lawyer alleging trademark and copyright infringement and — get this — invasion of privacy. Hey, if you value your privacy, don’t run for president!* Read the story [...]

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Road raging Florida driver gets karma

From Florida comes a report that a road raging driver in a Mercedes who brandished first a handgun and then an assault rifle with scope at a mom and her two kids ended up shooting himself in the leg. Some would call that “karma.” Police say the man, whom they haven’t identified, ha[...]

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Congress Should Stop Legislating Science!

The Congress ought to Have a Rule: WE Do Not Do Science.  Global Warming Denial, Marijuana Research, Alternative Medicine: How to waste tax dollars on popular causes.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and seven other senators are urging  that money be spent on medical marijuana. They have writte[...]

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Police chief blames “confusion” for clock boy’s arrest

Appearing on Chris Hayes’ MSNBC show, Irving police chief Larry Boyd admitted his cops knew 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed didn’t bring a bomb to school, or claim he had a bomb, and explained the kid’s arrest this way: Hayes: “Once it’s determined that this is just a clock or ju[...]

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Radical Republicans

Rick Santorum: “The Smart People Will Never Be On Our Side” In Rick Santorum’s brand of conservatism, no smart people need apply.[...]

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Beer … not just a Seattle thing.

Photo: DPA Oktoberfest: 1m litres of beer vanish in two days Revellers at Munich Oktoberfest are believed to have polished off around one million litres of beer in the festival’s opening weekend. The Local looks at some of the other facts and figures down on the frontlines of the Wiesn.[...]