Breaking News: Jeb! admits he’s a Bush

2015-02-19-AP_jeb_bush_jef_130918_16x9_608“Yes, I am a Bush,” the GOP presidential hopeful told a meeting of the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference in Michigan. Marketing experts immediately questioned whether this is a wise political move, noting Jeb! is already struggling in the polls. “If you’re the maker of Thalidomide, you don’t call it Thalidomide, you rebrand it as Immunoprin, Talidex, Talizer, or Thalomid” because the public associates Thalidomide with birth defects, they said. These experts suggested Jeb! get a legal name change and run as “Jeb! Jones” or “Jeb! Smith” instead. Veteran campaign strategists who didn’t want to be named because they’re still hoping to get a piece of Jeb!’s $100 million campaign kitty told “The Ave” that Jeb!’s bold move may be an attempt to get some media attention in the wake of his two miserable debate performances. Asked whether they thought it was a good idea, they simply shook their heads.

Photo below: When you’re running for president, is admitting there’s a chimpanzee in your family tree a good idea?bush chimp 

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